CIC Research is the world’s leading High Voltage Differential Probe technology company. We are committed in providing the best products through continued research and development and employing cutting edge novel technologies. Our products are targeting alternative clean energy industries with focus on power conversion applications and high voltage testing. Companies like Boeing, General Electric, General Atomics, ABB, Siemens, Toshiba, and John Deere are among our dedicated clients that currently use our products.


     We started our business in 1996. Since then our high voltage differential probes have progressed through different developmental stages and we are currently marketing the third generation probes which incorporate our latest technology. Our probes are not copies nor inspired by any of the high voltage differential probes available on the market. They are unique. We are proud to say that we succeeded in creating a superior product that our customers can really appreciate. The Achilles’ heel of the average high voltage differential probes is when they are exposed to high slew rate common mode transients that can be as low as 200Vpk - 400Vpk they have large glitches on the output that are not a correct representation of the input signal. We watched in various laboratories engineers and scientists “hunting ghosts” and spending considerable time in trying to solve measurement issues related to this typical sensitivity of the regular probes.